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the polaks explain the future




A crazy combination of a DJ set, an inquiry into the future, and above all, an intimate story of trying to deal with Mother.

“In 100 years there will be no trains, no body hair, no protruding veins, no eggs, no baseball caps, unfortunately no socks, no fireworks, no theatre, no. There will be no theatre. Theatre will turn out to be completely ununiversal. And will end. Contrary to what had been predicted. But if anything will still be there, it is the Mothers. Also the worrying ones.”

The Polaks are no better explaining the future than the rest of the world. And still, they enthusiastically jump into the amateurish futurology. Through sampling remixing the heritage of whining, the siblings Jasmina and Piotr Polak build a subversive force. The Polaks’ DJ set is a witty fight against a pessimistic version of the future. Can they save themselves from the negativity of their own mother?

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