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Project:    Co-production 

Title:        The Shot

Artists:     Árpád Schilling (HU),  
                Ildikó Ságodi (HU)
                Amy Pinto (US)
                Brent Lindsay (US)

Dates:      April 2022

Place:      The Imaginists, Santa Rosa
                Z Space, San Francisco 

The Shot

"Theatre creates movement, it makes you angry, it provokes and asks unpleasant questions,

while promoting freedom.”

​-Árpád Schilling

With support from CITD, The Imaginists are commissioned acclaimed Hungarian theater director Árpád Schilling to create S D A (Someone Dies Again), a new work that brought the complex role of gun violence in American society through the outsider’s eye.


Building on a longstanding artistic collaboration between the Imaginists and Schilling, the new work will highlight a shared artistic sensibility that prizes risk-taking, experimentation, and theater as instigation and provocation. 


The project is made possible by the Hewlett 50 Arts Commissions, an initiative that supports the creation and premiere of 50 exceptional new works by world-class artists in partnership with Bay Area nonprofit organizations and the ongoing support of the Trust for Mutual Understanding and CITD.

The Shot will be developed in Santa Rosa, CA, February 2022 through April 2022, with a premiere at Z Space in San Francisco at the end of May, exact dates TBD. Follow up performances in the North Bay and beyond will be announced after the premiere.


Árpád Schilling

Photo: Christian Michelides

Spin Off The Imaginists.jpg

The Imaginists perform Spin Off (2018)

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