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PHILIP ARNOULT, founder & director

Current Projects

Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings

CITD is partnering with John Freedman and Maksym Kurochkin of the THEATRE OF PLAYWRIGHTS in Kyiv, Ukraine, to commission plays that are premiering around the world as fundraising events for Ukraine.

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StereoAKT's Addressless with
Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

CITD is invested in the work of our longtime Hungarian partner Martin Boross and his company, StereoAKT. We have supported two US productions of his groundbreaking piece, Promenade, and look forward to Addressless, which tackles the epidemic of homelessness.  

The Imaginists & Árpád Schilling


With CITD's encouragement and support, The Imaginists are commissioning acclaimed Hungarian theater director Árpád Schilling to create The Gun, a new work that will bring his outsider’s eye to the role that guns and gun violence play in American society.


Danail Chirpansky International Student Theater Festival


On hold due to Covid-19 pandemic

CITD has made a long term commitment to the Danail Chirpansky International Student Theater Festival beginning with the 2022 edition.

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