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The work of the Center for International Theatre Development came out of Philip Arnoult's wide-ranging work as a producer, director, and animateur - the French word which means a creative professional that brings work to life. This includes his work as the founder and artistic director of the Baltimore Theatre Project, upon which Philip led and organized projects like the 1976 Festival, the 1986 Theatre of Nations Festival, Baltimore Rat Squad, and the Baltimore Neighborhood Arts Circus. Philip also forged relationships with hundreds of companies and thousands of artists, including work with NAPNOC and the NEA. As Philip began extensively working with the International Theatre Institute (ITI) and a long-term partnership with Dutch theatre makers, he realized that his passion had turned to cultivating and strengthening cross cultural partnerships. Therefore, he founded CITD in 1991 with the express purpose of being a nimble, artist-centered organization in which he can connect projects and people around the globe.

Since then, CITD has sponsored a wide variety of initiatives that range from intimate connections between artists to major multilateral project support. 

To find out more about past CITD projects, click on the links below:

  • International Theatre Institute (ITI)

  • Eastern Europe

    • Hungary​

    • Bulgaria

    • Poland

    • Romania

    • Slovakia

    • ECETI (Eastern and Central European Theatre Initiative)

  • Russia​

    • New Russian Drama​

    • New American Drama for Russia

    • Beyond the Capitals

    • Outside the Capitals

    • Golden Mask

  • East Africa​

    • DanceTraffic​

    • The Go Down Center

    • East African Arts Summit

    • Sundance East African Theatre Initiative

  • The Netherlands​

    • US/Netherlands Touring and Exchange Project​

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