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Project:    Co-production 

                StereoAkt (HU)
                Rattlestick Playwrights Theater (US)
                Working Theater (US)

Title:        Addressless

Artists:     Martin Boross (HU),  
                John Payne (US)
                Daniella Topol (US)
                Tamilla Woodard

Dates:      13 Jan - 13 Feb 2022

Place:       NYC
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CITD supported Daniella Topol, newly minted director of Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, to travel to DunaPart 4 in Budapest in late-2017, where she joined a growing group of admirers of Martin Boross’s interactive game theater piece around Homelessness in Budapest: Addressless


Daniella came back to the US and began with Martin to plan a New York version at Rattlestick.  In late spring of 2019, Daniella and Martin were joined by playwright Jonathan Payne and director Katie Pearl for a 10-day planning workshop for a future US production. 

After the workshop, NYC-based Working Theater joined Rattlestick as a co-producer. 

Photos by Bartha Máté
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