PHILIP ARNOULT, founder & director


Project:    LINKAGES: Poland
Partners:  Howard Shalwitz (US Program Director)
    Malgorzata Semil (Polish Consultant)
Dates:      2020-2024
Place:       Poland
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Photo by Bartha Máté

Over the past year, CITD has laid the groundwork for a four-year project intended to build long-term relationships between new theatre leaders in the US and their counterparts in Poland – including artistic directors, directors, and academics. 


Unfortunately, an initial research trip to Poland, scheduled for March 2020, was delayed by the pandemic. Until travel is possible again, we will push the project forward through a series of invitation-only Zoom meetings. The meetings will pair two American theatre artists with one Polish artist in a series of Zoom conversations led by the project's American director, Howard Shalwitz, and in coordination with Polish consultant Malgorzata Semil.  We believe these will be effective in making important introductions between Polish and American artists, building deeper knowledge and friendship across our theatre cultures, and setting the stage for future visits when it is safe.   


Howard Shalwitz, LINKAGES: Poland US Director