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Divine Comedy

Kraków, Poland · December 2023

About our trip

In 2023, CITD will continue to forge a new generation of US/Poland artists-to-artist relationships by bringing a delegation of US theatre makers to the Generation After Showcase in Warsaw, Poland. The festival is an intense presentation of the newest developments and trends taking place in Polish theatre. Now in its 7th season, this year's theme, "reality check," will question reality on a regular basis to pull our consciousness into the now. It will experiment with reality by exploring truth, fiction, and everything in between. Sponsored by the NOWY Teatr, the festival is a collaboration of major Warsaw theatres including Komuna Warszawa, STUDIO teatrgaleria,  Teatr Dramatczny, Teatr Powszechny, and TR Warszawa. We will see a range of productions, including works by Justyna Sobczyk, Anna Smolar, Łukasz Twarkowski, Gosia Wdowik, and Michał Zadara, and meet with other LINKAGES participants. Our delegation will include 6 American artists in our cohort (profiled beow), Theatre MITU artists Denis Butkus and Justin Nestor, the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the The Wilson Center's Blair Ruble, Ben Pesner from The Venturous Theatre Fund in NYC, Polish coordinator Malgorzata SemilProject Director Howard Shalwitz, and Project Manager Brandice Thompson.

The Cohort


Artistic Director of Arena Stage in Washington, D.C.


Photo by Cheshire Isaac

helen shaw

Staff writer for The New Yorker


Hana Sharif

One of the things I've shared with my team since I've come back [from Divine Comedy in Poland] is the reminder of how important and urgent the form of what we do is. In Poland, it's very clear that theatre....has always been a tool for liberation.
[Here in America] we've been grappling with systemic issues in our field, but I don't know that we we've thought about the urgency of change that our form has the power to manifest. I don't have a fully formed sense of what will come from the kind of fleeting moments I've had since leaving Poland, but it was a stark and beautiful reminder of the
power of the form and the importance of the form.

Our funders

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