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1 July, 2024

Dear Friends of Philip,

As many of you know, Philip faced a long journey of significant health issues, which worsened after the passing of his wife and lifelong theatre partner, Carol Baish. Yesterday afternoon, he passed away peacefully in his sleep with his beloved daughter Alison close by. His stepsons Sean, Michael, and Terry, along with his grandchildren, friends, and family have supported him throughout the last several months, providing him with exceptional love and care.

You won't be surprised to learn that even as his physical health was getting frailer, Philip was still brainstorming about connecting artists together--his lifelong work that he loved so much. His irrepressible energy and commitment to the theatre never waned.

Philip created a strong CITD team, and we continue to carry Philip's legacy forward with our
ongoing projects in Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine.

Recognizing Philip's personal impact on countless artists around the world, we wanted to inform you as soon as possible. We will be in touch with more details about a memorial and celebration of life in the near future.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Brandice at if you have any questions or need assistance.

-The CITD team
Yury Urnov, John Freedman, Howard Shalwitz, Susan Stroupe, and Brandice Thompson

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"These spiraling dark times in East Central Europe and here in our country demand thoughtful and serious responses; acknowledging the impediments and dangers, while embracing the imperatives and possibilities."
-Philip Arnoult

SINCE 1990 we have developed and nurtured long term relationships and international collaborations between artists in the United States and around the globe by building on founder Philip Arnoult's 20 years of investigating, producing, and supporting international works  as the founder and leader of the Baltimore Theatre Project (1971-1990).


We foster long-term, meaningful connections between inspired theatre-makers and unique thinkers by moving groundbreaking artists, bold projects, and powerful ideas around the globe. 


Our four online publications seek to illuminate and strengthen the international theatre conversation between US professionals and young, emerging artists and companies in Russia, Eastern, and Central Europe.


Traveling is at the heart of our work. We facilitate several artist-centered expeditions each year, focusing on exchanges between the US and Eastern Europe. 


The Center for International Theatre Development (CITD) was born out of a need that founder Philip Arnoult saw in American artists and audiences to experience international work, particularly from parts of the world they might not see otherwise. He founded the organization in 1990 to unite performing artists from around the globe to work collaboratively on cross-cultural projects.

CITD finds creative, hard-working people doing interesting work, connects them to artists with similar interests, and finds a way to give them time and space to create together.


We've been working in Eastern and Central Europe for over 40 years, with additional decade-long projects in The Netherlands and East Africa.

  • Identify partner theaters and theatre artists in the United States and abroad

  • Carefully engineer and support encounters between artists

  • Nurture these encounters through a series of first and second steps

  • Foster long-term, multi-year encounters between partners

  • Tell stories and support journalistic coverage and exposure in artists' regions



Telling stories has always been the backbone of CITD's mission. To expand that purpose, we decided to create a direct line of information between our partners in Eastern and Central Europe and the United States.


As a result, we have created four online publications with different styles and perspectives. In 2016, the first edition of DISPATCHES came out, which contains commentary about Eastern and Central European festivals from an American viewpoint. American respondents share their experiences at the festivals; describing what they saw, the nuts and bolts behind each production, and their critical eye.

Next, we began Hungarian Letter of News in February of 2017. This bi-monthly missive sends theatre and cultural happenings from a rotating cast of Hungarian writers to US audiences. Additionally, the CITD office adds its voice about Hungarian projects occurring within the US.

In September 2017, Yury Urnov penned his first Russian Notebook. This publication takes a laser focus on one theatre-maker working in Russia, in a long-form interview that gets into the nitty-gritty of their position, institution, and opinions on the cultural sector in Russia. As of 2020, Russian Notebook reflects Yury’s perspective on the situation in Russia from his perch in the United States.

Our latest publication, REFLECTIONS: Hungary, launched in early 2022 and follows American Fulbright scholar, Julia Mann’s deep involvement in the Hungarian theatre scene at a critical time for the country's theatre and political ecology.






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