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Nézz Körül:
tHE Philip Arnoult Mobility Grant

Small travel grants for Hungarian artists recently graduated from university to travel within Europe to experience festivals, workshops, rehearsals, and artistic development.

Hungarian Letter of News is a publication that offers a duel focus on both contemporary Hungarian performances and the cultural/political scenes.  ​

Produced in collaboration with Színház Magazine in Budapest, our correspondents are Andrea Tompa, Támas Jászay, and Noémi Herczog—all well respected critics and journalists in Hungary and abroad.

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A multi-year initiative designed to forge long-term, artist-to-artist connections between a new generation of theatre artists/leaders in the US and Poland. Since it's conception, our initiative has united a diverse cohort of over 30 artists, facilitating carefully curated zoom conversations and immersive cross-border exchanges in Poland and the US.


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Drawing from the successful models of CITD's LINKAGES programs in Poland and Hungary, LINKAGES: Ukraine is a multi-year initiative that builds lasting connections between US and Ukrainian artists. Our initiative will assemble a diverse cohort of US and Ukrainian artists, who will initially connect through intimate Zoom conversations in carefully curated pods of three to four artists.These virtual exchanges will serve as a precursor to in-person meetings abroad, where participants will have the opportunity to experience each other's work and engage in theatre festivals or workshops.


The Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings is a global initiative launched by John Freedman in the wake of Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine. The project initiates the translation of new works by Ukrainian playwrights, often reflecting firsthand experiences of the invasion, and facilitates the readings of these plays in hundreds of theaters worldwide. These readings delve into Ukrainian national identity, foster international support, and crucially, serve as fundraising events for Ukrainian charities.


Theatre of Playwrights (ToP) is a collective of Ukrainian playwrights who joined together to establish a new theater dedicated to supporting and promoting original Ukrainian plays and playwrights in the heart of Kyiv. Amidst Russia’s ongoing large-scale invasion, CITD has supported the playwrights through multiple commissioning grants, contributed to a new theatre space, and underwrote a week-long festival for the theatre’s grant opening.


Programs are run by affiliated nonprofit public charity, International Theatre Development. All donations are tax deductible.

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