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Kyiv, Ukraine
John Freedman
Maksym Kurochkin
Worldwide Ukrainian
Play Readings

CITD is working with our long-time partner John Freedman and Ukrainian playwright and leader of the new THEATRE OF PLAYWRIGHTS in Kyiv, Maksym Kurochkin, in a commissioning project. Through Max and his theatre, CITD gave 23 Ukrainian playwrights $1000 each to create new works that offer a first draft of history through the lens of the playwright. These plays, along with others, are being performed around the world as fundraising events for Ukrainian-based organizations - not CITD. Events already took place in Hong Kong, Finland, Germany, and Austria with more theatres and organizations joining daily. We are deeply appreciative of the emergency support from the Trust for Mutual Understanding and Bill Miller.

As of  October, the Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings include:

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... and the list
grows daily!

join the project

If you'd like to organize a reading, including a fundraising event, please contact John Freedman.

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If you’d like to support CITD’s work in Ukraine and the affected region – Poland, Hungary,
Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, and the Baltics, please consider making a donation to CITD. Your support makes a difference.

To make a tax-deductible donation, send a check to:

Center for International Theatre Development
Attn: Ukrainian Hope Initiative
901 Lenton Ave
Baltimore, MD 21212-3210

Or scan the QR code to make a donation via PayPal or with a credit card.

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Maksym Kurochkin on Theater of Playwrights and Philip Arnoult

“This act of solidarity is very important for all of us.Thanks to this, we were able to solve a lot of issues, help not only playwrights, but also our directors in the defense, administrators who left their homes, colleagues in occupied Kherson. And for all of us now it’s not just money, but simply salvation and incredible support.”


-Maksym (Max) Kurochkin


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