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Past Projects: Russia

Philip Arnoult has a history of working in Russia that stretches by to his days with the Baltimore Theatre Project.  Russia has been a primary source for CITD’s work over its twenty-plus year history, and there are currently three ongoing, multi-year projects CITD has spearheaded with Russian artists.

Tanya Tanya, by Olga Muhkina. Directed by Yury Urnov. Presented at Towson University as part of the New Russian Drama project.

Beyond the Capitals: Not the Usual Suspects 1 & 2

Beyond the Capitals is a project focused on a life-long passion of Philip’s:  the exploration of and partnership with theater artists who are working outside of the “cultural capitals” of their countries.

The first leg of this project involved bringing four Russian theater animators from Russia’s cultural capital (Moscow) and provinces to cities in America that are outside our cultural capital, New York.  The Russians spent three weeks traveling to Baltimore, Austin, San Francisco, and New Orleans, meeting over a hundred theater artists who are choosing to make their lives and work in a “place.”  See the website for BC Part 1 here.

In 2013, Beyond the Capitals Part 2 will take ten Americans from the four cities to our Russians’ cities to meet and tour the theater cultures of their places.

Beyond the Capitals is funded by the Bilateral Presidential Commission:  American Seasons in Russia.  Read more about the whole project here.

New American Drama for Russia​

In response to the success of New Russian Drama project (see below), CITD and long-time partner in Russia, John Freedman, created an initiative in 2010 entitled New American Drama for Russia.

With four partner organizations and a team of Russian theater artists, CITD shepherded 7 contemporary American plays into the canon of Russian theater.  The project has been wildly successful so far, and is now in its third year.

Learn More.

New Russian Drama: Voices in a Shifting Age

Beginning in 2000, CITD began to identify a new trend in Russian theater:  new voices, developed after the fall of the Soviet Union, were creating a new style of Russian drama that reflected the huge cultural shift of their young adulthood.  In 2007, CITD began a formal project called New Russian Drama:  Voices in a Shifting Age, that focused on bringing these new voices to American theater.

Partnering with Towson University, CITD culminated the project with a national conference in May 2010.

Learn More.

Visit the Towson University website for New Russian Drama.

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