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Past Projects: Bulgaria

Like many Eastern European countries, Bulgaria has a rich theatrical history based in its state-run theater system.  CITD has had a long relationship with many acclaimed Bulgarian theater artists; read more about CITD’s history with Bulgaria here.

DEAD DAGMAR or the little match girl by Ida Daniel and ghostdog. Presented at Bulgaria’s ACT Independent Theater Festival.

ACT Independent Theater Festival

In the last decade, a new generation of directors has emerged in Bulgaria, many of them women, and many of them working in both the state system and the independent theater community, creating one of the richest emerging independent movements in Eastern Europe.  These young directors have created a collaborative atmosphere that has resulted in many companies whose artists have freedom of movement.  The ACT Independent Theater Festival, now in its second year, has become a showcase of the best of this movement.

CITD has begun working with several of these young artists, particularly two leaders of the independent movement, Ida Daniel and Vasilena Radeva.

CITD is working with partners around the United States to give both American and Bulgarian artists opportunities for collaboration and exchange.  In 2011, CITD send a small American delegation to Sofia, Bulgaria for the second annual ACT Festival.  Read journalist John Barry’s article on that experience here.


NORDOST, directed by Vasilena Radeva.

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