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Project:      LINKAGES: Hungary

Leader:      Philip Arnoult




Hungarian Elders
Andrea Tompa 
Máté Gáspár

László Upor 

Project Manager
           Roland Kelemen                   


Dates:        2021-2024

US Elders
Quinn Bauriedel, Pig Iron School      Shana Cooper, Northwestern          
Liz Diamond,
Yale School of Drama   Rubén Polendo, NYU Tisch     
Project Manager (US)                  Brandice Thompson                                          

LINKAGES: Hungary is quite singular, even considering CITD's long history of connecting artists in the US with their counterparts in Eastern and Central Europe. The initiative was conceived in response to the takeover of Budapest’s University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) by a Board appointed by the Orbán government and the subsequent barricade of the University led by students from the theatre program.  

LINKAGES: Hungary will create multi-year connections between some of these brave and talented Hungarian students, on the cusp of their professional careers, and their counterparts from leading theatre programs across the US.  We believe they have meaningful experiences to share about politics, art, the pandemic, and how the theatre can evolve in response to a historical period of upheaval in both countries.  This project aims to create a foundation of lasting friendship among some of the world’s most exciting emerging theatre artists.  


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