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Partners:  CITD 
 Gabe Maxson
 Ján Šimko (Bratislava)
 Máté Gáspár (Hungary)
Dates:      2020
Place:       Slovakia

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Photo by Bartha Máté

LINKAGES: Slovakia

Philip will be returning to Slovakia in 2020 led by a team that includes US-based Gabe Maxson, Ján Šimko (Bratislava), and Máté Gáspár (Hungary). They'll be searching out the next generation of leadership in an exciting new time for Slovakia, having just elected a new  progressive president.

Since that election, we've had two reporters cover the Nova Drama/New Drama Festival (May 2019) and the Nitra Festival (September 2019). There's a buzz. Read Dave White's issue of Dispatches on Nova Drama and Kirsten Bowen's upcoming issue on the Nitra Festival.

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