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The Imaginists &

Árpád Schilling

With CITD's encouragement and support, The Imaginists are commissioning acclaimed Hungarian theater director Árpád Schilling to create The Gun, a new work that will bring his outsider’s eye to the role that guns and gun violence play in American society.

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StereoAKT's Addressless with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

CITD is invested in the work of our longtime Hungarian partner Martin Boross and his company, StereoAKT. We have supported three US productions of his groundbreaking piece, Promenade, and look forward to his latest work, Addressless, which tackles the epidemic of homelessness.  

Photo by Bartha Máté

Béla Pintér's
The Champion

CITD is supporting a collaboration between renowned Hungarian artist Béla Pintér and the Peabody Institute in producing Pintér's opera, The Champion. The production will premiere at the Baltimore Museum of Art and run from the 13th - 16th of February.

Golden Mask

Golden Mask has been an annual stop for CITD folks and we’re looking forward to the 2020 edition showcasing the best new work on all of
Russian Stages

Danail Chirpansky International Student Theater Festival

CITD has made a longterm commitment to the Danail Chirpansky International Student Theater Festival beginning with the 2020 edition.

Siberian Theatre Tracks

CITD is developing an artistic and educational project in Russian Siberia – Krasnoyarsk Region, which is

hosting the major MOVEMENT Festival in 2020. 

LINKAGES: Slovakia

Philip will be returning to Slovakia in 2020 led by a team that includes US-based Gabe Maxson, Ján Šimko (Bratislava), and Máté Gáspár (Hungary), searching out a next generation of leadership in an exciting new time for Slovakia, having just elected a new  progressive president.

Gardzienice Tour

Working with Tommy Kriegsmann in ArKtype, this legendary polish company led by Włodzimierz Staniewski will travel in the 2021 season.


Linkages Poland will take its first steps in mapping the emerging generation of theatre makers led by Howard Shalwitz, longtime CITD partner, co-founder and director of Woolly Mammoth Theatre (1978-2018).

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