Project:   LINKAGES: Hungary
Partners:  Hungarian Board
                Andrea Tompa
                Máté Gáspár
                László Upor
                  Project Manager
   Brandice Thompson, CITD X
                  Administrative Assistant
                Roland Kelemen
Dates:      2021

Photo by Bartha Máté

Linkages: Hungary will be led by an advisory committee of longtime Hungarian CITD partners including, Andrea Tompa, a theater critic, journalist, and former editor of the theater magazine Szinhaz, Máté Gáspár, a former department chair of The Budapest Academy of Drama and Film (SZFE), and László Upor, former Rector at SZFE.


Rather than focusing on established professionals, the team will recommend 20+ participants in their final year of study at SZFE.  On the cusp of their professional careers, these emerging artists will provide statements of interest and be interviewed by CITD, with 7 - 10 chosen for the project.  CITD friends and partners will recommend US candidates at pre-professional training programs, including university and company-based programs.  Given the involvement of theatre students in both countries' political situations and the challenges to their education posed by the pandemic, we believe this connection will be especially meaningful.   

Andrea Tompa

 Máté Gáspár

László Upor

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