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PHILIP ARNOULT, founder & director

Project:    (SIBERIAN) THEATER TRACKS (part of the                       Krasnoyarsk Regional Festival MOVEMENT).
Partners:  CITD 
 Ministry of Culture of Krasnoyarsk Region
 City Government of City of Achinsk  (Krasnoyarsk Region)
 Pushkin State Drama Theater, Krasnoyarsk  
 Achinsk City Drama Theater   
 Yury Urnov 
Dates:      2020
Place:       Krasnoyarsk Region

Siberian Theatre Tracks

CITD Associate Director Yury Urnov is developing an artistic and educational project in Russian Siberia – Krasnoyarsk Region, which is hosting the major MOVEMENT Festival next year.


Our segment in this extended international event, SIBERIAN THEATER TRACKS, will bring half-dozen of American artists and educators to Siberia (in the summer!) to create an outdoor theatrical production, which will then travel through multiple towns of the Region in August-September of 2020. The group will also teach master-classes to local professionals in stage, costume, and video-design; stage and production-management; as well as in physical theater. CITD will issue diplomas to the participants of the classes. Yury Urnov will be serving as an Artistic Director of the project and representing CITD in Russia.    


With this project CITD continues development of Beyond the Capitals strategy (see projects of 2012-2013), focused on creating and promoting connections between theater professionals working on the US-Russia grounds outside NYC/Moscow. 

Photo by Bartha Máté

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